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The Group of Biomass Boiler Manufacturers is dedicated to producers and distributors, italian and european, of biomass boilers.
Membership can be obtained only by those companies who chose a path of quality and innovation, and who put on the market products defined by high performances in term of efficiency and emissions.
To become a member, every company has to be verified in advance by the Operative Committee to  check if it has the qualification stated by the Group Guideline Document.

Main Goals:

  • Achieve the right acknowledgement in the renewable energies mix for the wood-energy chain and agroforestry biomass market. This way biomass will show
  • Enpower the representative role of the interest group with governmental istitutions to support policymakers in their decisions.
  • Activate positive connections with consumer associations and media stakeholders to spread correct informations about biomass.

For further informations about how to become a member, write an email to